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When thinking about marketing your home for sale there are to-dos that you can-do yourself that will make an impact when the home tours begin. Don't give buyers a reason to take away from your bottom line for something you could have handled prior to listing your home!
1. First Impressions: Curb appeal matters! Buyers want to see manicured grass and shrubs, and a tidy and clean walkway. If you have a green thumb, add some color to the greenery. Just go easy with your selection of flowers, because buyers don't want to feel that the garden (as pretty as it may be) will be too much for them to maintain. Strategically placed potted plants also work well to spruce up an entrance. Don't skimp on the outdoor furniture for your porch. A couple wicker chairs, throw pillows and a small table with a few books show that your porch could be a great spot for both people watching and reading!
2. Fresh coat of paint: You might be a fan of burgundy dining room walls but buyers today don't feel the same way. Most buyers prefer a neutral palate when they move in and a few gallons of Classic White, Linen or yes Agreeable Gray paint will help to highlight the home, not distract from unappealing colors. Plus it's always nice for a listing agent to be able to add "fresh paint" to the home description
3. New Hardware: Even if your cabinetry is dated new sleek nickle, brushed brass or even black pulls can do wonders! Stick to simple a and classic look with a design that speaks to the style of your home. If you really want to show off, add some new paint to the cabinetry. It will completely transform your space!
4. Replace outdated light Fixtures: You may love that heirloom that was passed down from grandma, however some buyers wont appreciate the sentiment. Keep it for the new home you'll buy after you sell. Replacing light fixtures which act as an accent to a room can revitalize the space giving it a face lift! Choose classic finishes like nickel or brushed brass and remember to keep it consistent throughout the home. The devil is in the details and buyers will love the updates!
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